Bird City - Beaver Dam - Year 2 - Sustained Flight

To achieve annual certification as a "Bird City," communities need to demonstrate in a written application that they have met at least seven of 22 criteria, including three from Category 1 and one from each of the other four categories:

Approved Application

Highlights of Beaver Dam's Bird Conservation Efforts

Bird Surveys Conducted in Beaver Dam Parks
A group of six bird enthusiasts set out to survey the birds in Beaver Dam city parks on Saturday, May 18, 2013.  It was an ambitious goal that needed more participants to get to all the parks, but the group did get to Swan City (18 species seen), Crystal Lake (25 species), and Tahoe Park (18 species) in a span of about three hours.  A total of 44 species and 214 birds were recorded.  The Rose-breasted Grosbeak, pictured here, was seen and heard in all three parks. This Robin-sized bird has a large pinkish-white seed-eating bill.  The adult male has black and white upper parts, white underparts and a rosy bib triangle on its breast.  In flight, white markings stand out on the wings.  Its song is a beautiful clear Robin-like repetition of rich and varied melodious patterns. Beaver Dam became a "Bird City" in 2012 and seeks to maintain that designation with activities such as the park surveys.
-- Photos by Jack Bartholmai

Category 1: Creation and Protection of Habitat

1A.  The city of Beaver Dam has adopted and approved a Smart Growth plan.  They are currently in compliance with Wisconsin’s Smart Growth law for planning and resource management.

1B.  The city currently monitors and future monitor plans for bluebird houses in the city limits of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. The list of participants is growing and continued interest with regards to Beaver Dam's Bird City status will likely generate even greater participation in the future.  Lisa and Polly Drake-Jones count bluebird nests at Crystal Lake Park in the city of Beaver Dam.  Bluebird, Purple Marten, and Wood Duck habitats currently established are monitored in Edgewater Park of Beaver Dam.  The Great Backyard Bird Count has also been a recurring event in Beaver Dam.

1D.  The city of Beaver Dam is seeking to provide additional habitat.  A Chimney Swift tower is planned to be built and placed by October 1, 2012 by the Beaver Dam Senior Center Woodshop.  There is existing osprey habitat on the west end of Beaver Dam Lake, with donation and potential donation information for a potential site on the east end, situated in Edgewater Park of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

1E.  Under the Beaver Dam code Sec. 42-106 Regulation of Natural Lawns; guidelines and permit request information for the establishment of a "natural lawn" is highlighted.

Category 2: Promoting Effective Community Forest Management

2A. Beaver Dam has been a long time participant in the Arbor Day Foundation’s “Tree City”, USA program.  They were honored in 2013 with their 22nd straight award as a Tree City.  

Category 3: Limiting or Removing Hazards to Birds

3A.   In accordance with Beaver Dam city ordinance Sec. 10-24: animals are not to run at large and also institutes a leash law requiring cats to be leashed or restrained at all times.  Furthermore, “Cat Indoors!”  Brochures are to be distributed to the following locations starting in 2011:

                             Animal Clinic of Beaver Dam
1206 DeClark Street, Beaver Dam, WI
920 887-1100

                                Animart Pet Store
1113 North Spring Street, Beaver Dam, WI

                                Beaver Dam Community & Senior Center
114 East 3rd Street, Beaver Dam, WI
920 887-4639

3B.  Data on the "Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; A Tree City since 1992" Facebook site.

Category 4: Public Education

4A.  The Lincoln School instructor and organizer of the Green Group in Beaver Dam include information on projects and continuing educational programs with regards to birds and the groups association with the Flying Wild program.

4B.  The local Radio and Newspaper coverage in Beaver Dam features articles from Jack Bartholmai and keep citizens up-to-date on latest developments with regards to Bird activities.

4C. Data on the Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; A Tree City since 1992 Facebook site. (See Category Three)

4D.  Beaver Dam has been represented in both the Christmas Bird Count and Great Backyard Bird Count in previous years.  The following is account of a recent Christmas Bird Count that was also mentioned in the local paper:

On December 29, 2012 a cold snowy morning, eight hearty volunteers gathered to count birds in 9 of the 19 Beaver Dam city parks.  Led by Jack Ulrich, the bird count organizer, the “birders” separated into two groups and trudged out, some with binoculars and bird books in hand.  When the two groups met up again, two and a half hours later, 15 species had been identified and a total of 159 birds counted.  The spotting of the day was a sharp-shinned hawk at Tahoe Park!

Thanks to volunteers Kris Killian, MaryAnn and Dave Schacht, Mark and Margaret Furdek, Kay Voelker, Peggy Slez, and Jack Ulrich.  The winter bird count is a project of Beaver Dam’s designation as a “Bird City”.  Warming up at lunch after counting birds, the group enthusiastically discussed plans for a backyard bird count and seasonal bird counts, as well as future gatherings to learn more about bird identification, migration patterns, and feeding practices.  Be on the look-out for these “Bird City” events—no special knowledge required, everyone can be a “birder”!

Category 5: Community Celebration of International Migratory Bird Day

5A.  Beaver Dam has amended its original resolution proclaiming International Migratory Bird Day annually on Oct. 1 to currently proclaiming IMBD to be May 18, 2013, with a rotating annual date at the discretion of their Bird City Committee.


Photo by Jack Bartholmai
Beaver Dam woodwork shop projects at Community Center


Photo by Jack Bartholmai

Purple Martin nest box colony at Edgewater Park
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