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To achieve annual certification as a "Bird City," communities need to demonstrate in a written application that they have met at least seven of 22 criteria, including three from Category 1 and one from each of the other four categories:

Approved Application

Highlights of Two Rivers' Bird Conservation Efforts

The City of Two Rivers is located in the midst of a significant Lake Michigan migratory bird stopover area that includes Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Point Beach State Forest, plus large coastal wetlands on the East and West Twin Rivers.  The City has developed an increasingly positive relationship with the nature center and supports and helps publicize its programs.  The City also promotes support for the nature center and its habitat restoration efforts by cooperating on efforts to manage invasive species such as Phragmites australis on City property.  The City is increasingly aware of the importance of birds not only as indicators of environmental quality, but also for enhancing the quality of life.  Two Rivers plans to continue to collaborate with partners such as Woodland Dunes Nature Center to enhance its properties for the benefit of birds and other wildlife by managing invasive species and planting species that benefit birds wherever practical.

Point Beach State Forest in Two Rivers

Two Rivers Receives Its Recognition

Jim Knickelbine, left, executive director of Woodland Dunes Nature Center, and Mike Reed, right, director of Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and a member of the Bird City Wisconsin Steering Committee, present Two Rivers Parks and Recreation Director Judy Goodchild with a sign heralding Two Rivers's designation as a 'Bird City Wisconsin' community. Two Rivers is one of 73 Wisconsin communities that have earned this designation.

-- Photo is courtesy of Lester Public Library Flickr Collection

Category 1: Creation and Protection of Habitat

1A.  The City of Two Rivers has adopted  a plan that is in compliance with Wisconsin’s Smart Growth law.

1B.  Bird monitoring is a common practice in Two Rivers.   Two Rivers is a popular place for birders to visit, and with the development of eBird, more and more lists are being recorded.  Part of the Woodland Dunes preserve lies within the City of Two Rivers, and checklists are submitted weekly to eBird.  In addition, Woodland Dunes has banded more than 10,000 birds in and adjacent to Two Rivers, half of them Northern Saw-whet Owls.   More than 260 species have been recorded at Woodland Dunes.

1F.  The City refers the public to Woodland Dunes Nature Center for information on control of invasive species and has assisted Woodland Dunes in its efforts to remove invasive species on City property adjacent to the preserve.  Woodland Dunes regularly provides programs and opportunities for hands-on management of invasive species and assists neighboring landowners with invasive species issues.  The link from Woodland Dunes  takes visitors to the Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin website

1G.  Two Rivers has three stops on the Lake Michigan segment of the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail:  Woodland Dunes, Point Beach State Forest, and Two Rivers Harbor and Neshotah Park.

Category 2: Promoting Effective Community Forest Management

2A.  Two Rivers has been recognized for and participates in the Arbor Day Foundation’s  “Tree City, USA” program for the past 17 consecutive years as of 2013.

Category 3: Limiting or Removing Hazards to Birds

3A.  The City refers the public to Woodland Dunes Nature Center for information on free-roaming cats and window strikes via web links.

3B.  The City refers the public to Woodland Dunes Nature Center for information on free-roaming cats and window strikes via web links.

Hooded Merganser in Two Rivers Harbor
Category 4: Public Education

4D.  Two Rivers lies within a Christmas Bird Count circle, and areas within (including Woodland Dunes) and around Two Rivers are counted.  The count is coordinated by Woodland Dunes.

Category 5:  Celebration of International Migratory Bird Day

5A.  Woodland Dunes provides various bird related education activities, including a public event on International Migratory Bird Day (Migration Celebration and Bird Breakfast) and a number of other events and classes such as the Timberdoodle Hike, weekly bird walks, shorebird ID class, birding by ear class, Owlfest and other saw-whet owl programs.  The City promotes participation in these programs.
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